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Our Structure Our Structure
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Our Structure Our Structure
Our Strategy Our Strategy
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Our full understanding of today's challenges, adequate support to our clients and constant striving for excellence make our motto.
Our team of experts and trained professionals thoroughly apply their range of skills, allowing their departments to provide the highest levels of quality.
With a fully paid capital of LL 3,254,500,000, and BBAC Bank as a major shareholder, the company stands on sound financial grounds.
Board of Director
Chairman & General Manager
- President Assaad G. Mirza
- Mr. Ghassan Assaf
- Me. Ramzi Haykal
- Mr. Marwan El Halabi
- Mr. Marwan abou Assi
- Mr. Selim Karam
Legal Advisor
- Me. Akram Azouri
- PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
The Shareholders
BBAC (Bank of Beirut & the Arab Countries s.a.l.)
President Assaad G. Mirza
Me. Ramzi Haykal
Mr. Marwan El Halabi
Mr. Selim Karam
Mr. Marwan abou Assi
Head Office and Branches
Our Head Office and Main Operation is located in Sin el Fil Horch Tabet the Heart of Beirut city, It’s a liaison with our branches which are spreading on all over the Lebanese territory (Raouche, Tripoli , Chtaura, Kaslik, Saida, Aley and Batroun) to be closer to our clients in order to serve them better.
The Capital Insurance & Reinsurance Co. s.a.l. is a
company with known qualities of solidity, security
and expertise. Built on a sound financial basis and
enjoying a privileged relationship with its clients,
Capital is committed to provide the Lebanese
market with all tailored insurance products that meet
their needs in terms of premium, cover, security and
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